Simon Cowell’s Hefty Donation Saves Hundreds of Dogs

Simon Cowell is one of the most famous television personalities from American Idol. He is known for his utter and cruel honesty. Not only has he been a judge for American Idol, but also for The X Factor and America’s Got Talent. People have been known to cry from his responses. Although Cowell spends a lot of his time criticizing others, he is actually a pretty decent human being; the judge’s recent acts of kindness has people seeing the good in Mr. Cowell.

After Cowell heard about the awful events happening in South Korea, he felt the need to step in. South Korea is notoriously known to kill dogs for meat. Cowell, being the dog person he is, decided to donate close to $33,000 to the Humane Society International (HSI).

Once he donated this generous amount, hundreds of dogs lives were saved. Instead of living in disgusting cages, the dogs would then be released to rescuers.

The Partnership

When Simon Cowell teamed up with the HSI last year he had many goals. In order to save these suffering creatures, this new found team would need to shut down the 17,000 facilities.

This goal is still a work in progress considering that combined these awful places breed around 2.5 million dogs a year only to kill them later down the road. The poor animals’ fates sadly would be death by electrocution or hanging.

Having three Yorkies of his own named Freddie, Squiddly, and Diddly, he doesn’t understand why someone would ever want to harm dogs. He has mentioned previously that he had an amazing bond with all three. And they even sleep on his head. Simon Cowell had this to say:


After having a relationship with a dog, how could anyone want to harm them?

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