Singapore woman does wonderful things for the homeless dogs


During Chan Mee Fah’s life as a child, she would spend lots of time with her lovely mother. Mee Fah’s beautiful mother was a kind lady who ran a coffee shop, but it wasn’t any old coffee shop. During the day, many dogs would come to the shop in hopes of getting food and attention, which exactly what Mee Fah’s mom would do.


After years of watching her beautiful mother be so kind to animals, she decided to do the same. So she created a small shelter, but the location was not ideal. So she moved to Semenyih, Selangor, where she made a huge shelter.

Now the shelter is home to 1,300 dogs, 60 cats, and  40 tortoises. It doesn’t stop there. Mee Fah also has a monkey at the shelter. She comments,


“It was badly hurt after a fight with other monkeys kept by the owner. The owner did not come back for the monkey after sending it to the clinic for treatment. So we adopted it.”

Now the woman has over 15 employees. The shelter is doing really well. Often times people will leave their pets in front of the shelter. She comments,


“Once, someone put a cage of 12 dogs at our shelter’s front gate. Another time, a sick dog was tied outside the gate.”

Now that she has a beautiful large shelter, she loves it so much. Mee Fah has gained so much joy from this experience. After being on this Earth for 78 years, this is definitely one experience to be proud of. Lastly, she adds,

“My doctor has given me a clean bill of health!” she said. “I bond with my dogs and find them to be very loving. Caring for them is like caring for one’s children. It is an intense commitment.”


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