Skinny Pit Bull Abandoned Outside a Shelter in a Birdcage

When do you not call a bird, a bird? You do when a Pit Bull is named Birdie. She was found abandoned outside a shelter, sitting in a birdcage. Sometime in late May, the Animal Aid shelter in Oakland Park, Florida found Birdie outside their building. You could clearly see she’d been abused and bred several times. Let alone; it makes you wonder how her previous owners got Birdie in the cage. It was apparent that Birdie’s owners could no longer afford to keep her. However, how did this Pit Bull become so neglected?

Birdie in a Cage

Image by Animal Aid via

When workers showed up to the Animal Aid shelter, they were shocked to see a Pit Bull in a birdcage. Birdie, a 3-year-old Pit, had been severely abused and neglected. She had sores all over her skin, that would bleed at the slightest touch. She was also dealing with a bad case of Demodex Mange. It was also brought to the attention of the shelter that Birdie had had several litters.

They decided, once she’d been taken out of the birdcage, they would post photos on their Facebook page.  They got a lot of outpouring from those who follow the page. The post also grabbed the attention of Regina Vlasek, founder of Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation. The pictures pulled at Regina’s heartstrings.

In an interview with The Dodo, she said about the Pit Bull; “It was just so pathetic. She wouldn’t even hold her head up — she was just so sad.”

She was amazed at how someone even managed to get the dog into the “parrot cage.”

A Birdie Set Free

Vlasek, after retrieving Birdie from Animal Aid, took her to the vet. After finding out the Pit Bull’s age, Vlasek was also told Birdie was allergic to dust mites. She also had a staph infection, caused by the sores on her skin. All of Birdie’s ailments were treated immediately. She would need a lot of love and attention from that day on.

Image by Animal Aid via

It could be one of the major reasons that Birdie’s owners gave her up. Health problems are hard for those who cannot afford the health bills.

“I would say that the reason the majority of people leave their dogs is because they can’t properly care for medical conditions,” Vlasek said. “For people who don’t have enough money, it can be almost overwhelming.”

However, to Vlasek, Birdie is “perfect.”

Birdie Gets a Happy Ever After

Image by Regina Vlasek via

It is sad to say that Birdie’s story is just one among hundreds. But, it is good to know that this Pit Bull will get a happily ever after. Birdie is currently living with her foster mother, Amanda Trainer. “Birdie is a very sociable and playful dog…She lives with me and my three other dogs, and she also does well around my 3-year-old nieces.”

This playful Pit Bull can be seen playing with chew toys, play-wrestling with other dogs, or cuddling with Trainer. With some positive reinforcement – such as food -Birdie will train up nicely. This beautiful Pit Bull is sure to win hearts soon, and find her forever family.

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