He Was Sleeping All Of The Sudden Hears Loud Cries, They Can't Believe What Dogs Found

It was father’s day when one family was awakened by a strange cry.  What they found was never what they’d expect to see swimming in their pool.

The family’s dogs were chasing a fawn around the yard when at some point the terrified creature jumped in the pool.  Bewildered and trying to find a way to get out, the fawn swam around the pool’s edge while the human mother of the family video taped and narrated the scene.

The kids running around and screaming were not helping matters as the dad tried to rescue the deer.  He finally got to it, and it let out a terrified yell that fawns make when calling their mother for help.  Once out of the pool, the fawn seemed frightened of the children and jumped back in the pool to get away.  Finally, the father was able to get the deer up onto the grass, then it ran into the woods.

The children ran out after it, as the father looked bewildered.  Hopefully, the doe and her fawn were hooked back up again.  One thing is certain, that without help, the deer did not appear able to get out of the pool.  It most likely would have drowned.

What to do if you find wildlife in distress

Some rescues though hard to watch, give us a time to pause and educate.  When around wildlife, remember the animal is most likely very scared.  It’s a good idea to remain calm.  Deer are prey animals.  Most wild deer will view humans as predators.  Remember that the mother may be afraid to come around if humans are running around and screaming.  From the Fawn’s perspective, it was surrounded by predators without a mom to run to.

There is so much we can learn from this video on what not to do when you find wildlife in distress. Thankfully, the fawn was able to run off into the woods after being rescued from the pool.

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