Small dog can be bossy when he's your trainer, this little guy keeps him motivated

Some people like to work out alone. But for many people, a workout buddy or fitness class group helps to keep them accountable. Also, there may be times when you need a spotter for specific moves. Maxing out on a bench press or squatting with weights heavier than normal all require a spotter. For some, a wake-up call in the morning helps them go for a run. But what if your workout partner isn’t human?

One man was feeling a bit guilty about all of the extra calories that he ate on Christmas Day. And we all know where extra calories go. If you take in more than you burn up, it will be stored as fat. The gym was closed since it was Christmas Day. So instead of sulking and feeling depressed, with his dog’s help, this man did some pushups.

For some people, pushups with a dog cheering you on would be enough. But for this man, his 12-pound pup jumped on his back and made the load even heavier. Twelve pounds might not seem like a lot, but when you are doing multiple push-ups in a row, it can be tiring.

Check out this cute dog who doesn’t budge as his human does his push-ups. Not many dogs would stay there as he went up and down. From the looks of it, this guy has no need for a personal human coach, because he is getting enough one on one help support from his canine friend.

So do you have a workout partner that is an animal? The combination of a pet and human working out together can benefit both species. A dog may be the best alarm clock you could ask for if morning workouts are on the agenda. Not only will your dog get exercise, but you’ll have the motivation to get moving.

If you know someone who has a pet for a workout partner, or maybe one that could use one. The dogs in the video below love to workout without a human.  Look at them go.

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