Smart Cat Trains His Human to Let Him Sit on the Forbidden Chair, It's Hilarious

People with pets sometimes have good intentions to train them to not do certain things.  For dogs, usually, that means not going to the bathroom in the house and not destroying things.  Cats, on the other hand, are a whole new ballgame.  Left to their own inventions they will walk on your tables and eat whatever you set down on it. Like many cat owners, Lori had a rule of no cats on the table. Her cat Reese, on the other hand, seemed to find a cute and clever way around this rule.

Lori explains, “He liked to get on the counter but would get shooed off, so then he started jumping in the chair and try to get close to the counter that way. We then shooed him off the chair.”  Reese wasn’t finished figuring out a way to be up closer to Lori in the kitchen.

Reese then did an adorable pose of hanging his front feet out from the chair.  It was so cute, that Lori didn’t shoo him off of it this time.  “I remember thinking this is unusual, cute, funny.  When I saw how cute he was and how he loved the chair so much — he rubs his head on the chair and then slips his little paws through the holes — at that point, he was just too cute for me to make him get down.”

So was this a once in a lifetime pardon for sitting on the chair or not?  Lori admits that now, “Basically … I do let him sit there.”

Reese has won the battle.  He has successfully trained his human or maybe he cut a deal with her on this one.  If he sits cute, he gets to be by the counter top on his chair.  Reese has also remembered the bargain he established.  “He does this just about every day or any chance he gets. He will sit there for long periods of time with his paws through the holes.”

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