Soldier surprises German Shepherd and her reaction to his homecoming is like nothing we've ever seen

Anyone who has been around soldiers understands that the life of a military family is challenging. Insane schedules, lonely nights, you never know when they will leave again or when they will come back once they’re gone. It’s not an easy life for anyone, and even a soldier’s four-legged babies miss them terribly. Well, we found a video with a homecoming soldier surprising a German Shepherd and it’s the cutest, most inspiring thing you will see all day.


As dog lovers, we all know that there is nothing quite like the reaction our fur babies have when we get home after a long absence. Well, most dogs react even when we just go out long enough to get the mail, let’s be honest.

However, as we mentioned, the life of a military pet is a little more intense than that. You see, a soldier doesn’t come home every day like most of us civilians are used to. Instead, they stay gone for weeks, months, even years at a time.

For a dog, that surely must feel like they are truly never coming home. It sure must have felt that way for Freya the German Shepherd.

So, Freya’s dad decided to surprise her. He snuck into the living room, while she was outside.

Image Screenshot from Poke My Heart via YouTube Video

Then, the homecoming soldier waited for Freya to come inside.


This time around, Freya’s dad had been gone for nine long months.

Image Screenshot from Poke My Heart via YouTube Video

After all that time, Freya couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her dad. She jumped up on the couch and greeted him happily. Though, her greeting was far from over.

Image Screenshot from Poke My Heart via YouTube Video

As reality sunk in, and Freya realized her dad really was right there, she grew even more excited. In the video, which we posted at the bottom, you can hear the adorable dog start to whimper and grumble with happiness.

Image Screenshot from Poke My Heart via YouTube Video

Freya, after flipping around and sitting down on the homecoming soldier’s lap, finally settles down. As you can see, she landed with her belly exposed so her dad could continue his greeting.

Of course, that wasn’t until Freya did that thing dogs do where they can’t seem to get quite enough on your lap. Yipping, grumbling, and whimpering with glee the whole time.

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Featured Images Screenshot from Poke My Heart via YouTube Video

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