Parents leave for vacation they were worried, their son sent them the sweetest video to update them

If you’ve ever gone on vacation without your furbaby, you probably are well aware of the stress it can cause. You may wonder if your pet will be sad and miss you. Or maybe you worry about if he or she will be well taken care of. A phone call or text update certainly can ease a lot of the stress. Well, one son took a pet update a step further. While his parents were on vacation he made an adorable update about the family pet.

Garrett Johnson stayed home to take care of his parent’s Shi Tzu/Pomeranian mix, named Oscar. He then recorded a super cute video of Oscar. The video begins by Garrett asking Oscar what he’d like to do. There is a long pause as Oscar appears to think about an answer to the question. Then the song, “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne starts playing.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Garrett Johnson

The duo then eats together at the dining room table. They play games and do all kinds of fun activities. Oscar strikes the most adorable poses throughout the video.

Screen Shot: Facebook/Garrett Johnson

Garrett sent the video to his parents, who received it with joy. Garrett’s mother said that “she cried laughing.” Thankfully, Garrett decided to let all of us in on the fun. He shared it on Twitter for everyone to enjoy. Garrett posted the following caption with the video,  “My parents went on a cruise and left me home alone. My mom kept telling me to take good care of our dog Oscar. So I sent her this.”

Screen Shot: Facebook/Garrett Johnson

Once posted on social media, it didn’t take long for it to be shared and liked. In fact, the video of Garrett and Oscar has been viewed 55K times.

Take a look for yourself. I’d say that Oscar was in good hands while his parents were away. What do you think?

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