Southwest Airlines Steps Up And Flies Pets To Safety After Harvey, Owners Are Thrilled

So many pets have been orphaned after Hurricane Harvey.  With shelters in the area overcrowded there simply is not enough room for all the homeless animals.  Sadly, many were facing euthanasia because there was no where for them to go. No where to go that is, until Southwest Airlines decided to fill up the cabins and then flew the animals to a shelter in California.

The Southwest people had heard about a rescue group called Operation Pets Alive!  The rescue group took in so many pets though before the storm though, that there just wasn’t room for any more.  Southwest stepped up and decided to fly out dozens of pets to a shelter called Helen Woodward Animal Center.  The flight took the animal passengers from Houston to San Diego, California where the center is located.

The animals were escorted into the airplane cabin section that is normally reserved just for people. This operation was a joint effort made between Operation Pets Alive and Southwest Airlines.  It was truly a life flight in the most literal sense of the word.  Without this rescue flight, these animals were facing death.

There is Something that You Can Do!

It is hoped that the pets will eventually be adopted out from the California shelter.  If you’d like to adopt an animal from Hurricane Harvey, please visit your local shelter. You can also visit the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s site by clicking here.

Donations are also being accepted at both the Helen Woodward Animal Center and Operations Pets Alive.  When watching from afar devastation strike, you may feel helpless.  But there really are things you can do.  Shelters across the country are filled with Hurricane Harvey pets. If you’ve been thinking about adopting a new family member, now just might be a perfect time. You can also volunteer at shelters or donate to them.

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