Spider has an ingenious trick, keep your eyes on him


It’s common for people to be afraid of spiders. But have you ever thought about what it feels like to be a spider faced with a human? Even though some spiders might seem large to us, they are still smaller than humans. If you are afraid of spiders I challenge you to watch this video and try to put yourself in the spider’s shoes. That would be 8 shoes to be exact if spiders wore shoes.


The spider in this video is native to Chili. This one is actually a pet, owned by Alexa Whiteway, 30, a system administrator. The spider’s name is Monty. Monty is a Sicarius Thomisoides, which is a six-eyed sand spider. Alexa has had Monty for about three years.


We can make an educated guess by watching this video that Monty has become afraid of something. Though we don’t know what he is seeing as a threat. What is interesting is how Monty quickly finds the quickest way out of being seen. And that is by digging a hole in the sand. Check out how his body fits perfectly in the hole that he creates.


As Monty digs he is using his eyes to scan the area while carefully watching his surroundings. After Monty digs the first hole he appears to not be satisfied with it, so he digs a second hole. The second hole must have satisfied him since he uses the hole to hide in. But first, he finishes the burying process by using his front legs to throw sand over the top of him.


Burying Himself Could Save His Life


If Monty’s perceived threat was really a threat, he would now be about as safe as he could be. Being buried helps conceal his body. In the wild, he would just wait it out until the threat was gone before emerging from the hole.


If you find this amazing, make sure to share it with a friend. And next time you are fearful of a spider, stop and realize that the spider is probably just as afraid of you.

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