She Sees His Teeth Then Realizes That He Can't Eat, She Goes Right To Work

One day while Jannet Talbott was going through her daily routine, she noticed something unusual through her window. In her backyard sat a squirrel. This particular little guy sat in a tree attempting to indulge in his food. Unfortunately, the squirrel was extremely unsuccessful in eating his meal. Talbott wondered why. When she took a closer look she saw his teeth, and then it all made sense.

The tiny squirrel, who not to mention, looked very malnourished, had crazy teeth! The part of his teeth called the upper incisors were overgrown. The poor animal’s teeth were so overgrown that they literally curled up to his eyeball!

Talbott knew she had to help the innocent creature. So she decided to pick the squirrel up and investigate further. She comments,

“I do believe animals know when you’re trying to help them!”

When she gently picked him up she could tell why he couldn’t eat. His teeth were making it impossible for him to eat anything at all. That is when Talbott took him inside. Without help, he would have starved.

 She immediately ran upstairs to grab a pair of cuticle trimmers. After about 10 long minutes of trying to completely trim his teeth, Talbott had succeeded.

 Once she had finished her work, she named the cute squirrel “Bucky.” After spending less than an hour together, Talbott had let Bucky go.

When he returned to the tree Talbott could see him finish his food. It made her feel extremely happy to know that her little act of kindness went a long way for another creature, essentially saving his life.

Now that Bucky has normal teeth Talbott has hope that he will live a long and beautiful life.

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