Squirrel Stuck On A Railroad Track Gets Help From A Nearby Human

Nick Allen was in the right place at the right time when he saw something move along the train tracks as he took a walk. Upon further investigation he found a squirrel caught in the tracks. The squirrel was trying to free himself but he was unsuccessful. That’s when Allen stepped in to help.

Nick Allen

“I absolutely wanted to help the little guy over the rail,” Allen explained. “I was a bit cautious, as I wasn’t sure how safe it was trying to touch the little guy when trying to help him.”

Nick didn’t want to stress the squirrel anymore by grabbing him. But the squirrel was giving Allen cues that he wanted help. He started to try to climb up Nick’s leg. It seemed clear to Nick that the squirrel was asking for help.

Nick Allen

“When he climbed on my leg, I absolutely thought, ‘This cannot be real at all,’” Nick recalled. “This wild little critter just crawled onto me. I have to be dreaming or something.

Nick took the initiative to continue walking as he gave the squirrel a free ride to a shady spot. The squirrel seemed to know that this was a good place to get off. “He just hopped right off and went straight up a tree!” Nick said. Take a look for yourself at the video.

As is the case when you help someone, Nick had a good feeling about the rescue. “It made me feel so pure and loved that this little guy needed some help and just hopped right onto this random human. I felt trusted. It was just so pure,” Nick said. “I know I’ve been in spots where I couldn’t get out without a little help, and all I needed was a little helping hand. Or in this case, a helping leg.” This story illustrates how all animals can communicate with us. Of course, we know that our pets talk to us in their own ways, but if we take the time to watch carefully, so do wild animals. Upvote Downvote

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