Starved And Tossed From A Car Like Garbage –This Mastiff Wasn't Going Down Without A Fight

An English Mastiff was tossed from the window of a car as though she were an empty bag of fast food. At the time, the poor girl weighed only a third of what she was supposed to weigh. For many dogs, that would have been the end of the road. However, Violet was not like many dogs; she was a fighter.

Luckily, a good Samaritan came along and found Violet. Her condition was so shocking no one who saw her could believe she was still alive, though. Would she be able to pull through?

Warning: graphic images below.


Image via Saving Violet

Authorities said that an individual witnessed someone tossing Violet out of a moving car in Clinton, Maryland. Luckily, they stopped to help. They took her right away to Prince George’s County Animal Control. It was about that time that Mutts Matter Rescue stepped in and rescued Violet from the shelter.

Image via Saving Violet

Mutts Matter placed Violet with a volunteer named Debbie Gretz. Gretz had extensive experience with severely emaciated dogs like Violet, so they knew she was just the person to help.


When Debbie first brought Violet home, she only weighed 50 pounds. That might seem like a lot, but for a large breed like a Mastiff, that’s nothing. According to her foster mom, Violet needed to gain 80 to 90 pounds to be “whole again.”

Image via Saving Violet

On top of being starved, nearly to death, Violet also had contact sores all over her body. Rescuers believe that she was used as a breeder and was chained up and forced to stay in one miserable spot for years.

Debbie started slowly. She gave Violet several small, nutritious meals every day to slowly begin to build her weight and health back up.  Considering what the poor dog had been through, Debbie couldn’t believe how sweet Violet was. Every time she would come down the stairs, Violet would wag her tail in greeting.

“When I sat on the sofa to talk to her, she walked over to me and put her head in my lap I thought I would just melt,” said Debbie. “She is just so sweet even after being treated so terribly.”

Doctor’s were shocked at how quickly Violet started to recover. Within a few days, Debbie had Violet slowly climbing the stairs, and she began to gain weight faster than anyone dared dream.

Image via Saving Violet


Doctors thought it would take months for Violet to recover. Again, though, she proved them wrong. She gained so much inner strength from the love of her foster mom; she recovered in just a few short weeks. Debbie knew the time was coming that she would have to say goodbye.

Image via Saving Violet

It took almost no time to find Violet a forever home. And her new family needed her just as much as she needed them. They had just lost their other Mastiff, Baya, to a sudden illness and they were devastated.

Image via WJLA Video

Thanks to the love and dedication of people like Debbie and the good Samaritan, an entire family gets a second chance. Please share this story to inspire your friends and bring a smile to their face.

And please, always remember, if you see an animal in need, remember stories like these. You could change so many lives if only you took a second to help.

Featured Image via Saving Violet & Pixabay

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