Starving And Limping – This Stray Leaped Into His Rescuers Arms

The rescuers from Howl Of A Dog rescue were on their way home with another rescued dog when they spotted him. Right there, on the side of the road, was an injured dog limping his way into some thick bushes. It didn’t matter to the rescuers that they already had a carload, they pulled over. They approached the injured dog right away, hoping to keep him from going further into the scrub on the side of the road.

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What happened next will make your day.


At first, when rescuers approached the dog, it seemed hesitant to leave the safety of the bushes. It didn’t take him long, though, to realize that this might be his last chance to get help. With a few clicks and assurances from the rescuer, he slowly started to limp his way out of the brush.

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On the video posted at the bottom, you can clearly see when he gets out of the woods just how skinny the dog is, as well. The poor guy walked gently over to his rescuer, yet when he finally reached her, his entire demeanor changed.

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Rescuers decided to name the ailing little guy Vlad. They loaded him into the car with the other rescue and rushed to get him to the doctor. The guy was in terrible shape.


Poor Vlad was so hungry; he tried to eat the box of tissues that was sitting in the car. However, even though he made an attempt on the box, rescuers were shocked at how sweet the little guy was.

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As soon as the volunteers got him to the vet, they took him in for an x-ray to see what was going on with his leg. The news, sadly, was not good. The Vlad’s broken leg was about as bad as it could be.

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The only way to fix a break like this is with a plate and Vlad would need surgery for that. The vet rushed him right into surgery and Vlad got his very own metal plate.

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Then, it was time for Vlad to heal. Volunteers made sure he got plenty of love, food, and medicine and cared for him around the clock. Within three weeks, Vlad looked like a different dog.

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Today, Vlad is still up for adoption. He is awaiting his perfect forever home with a mended leg all thanks to some selfless humans who helped him when he was down. Watch the full video below.

Have you or would you ever stop for an injured dog as these people did? I, for one, already have. Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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