This Starving Dog Refused To Be Saved–Then They Saw Why

Becoming a mother tends to be an extremely rewarding experience for everybody. But, it comes with its own challenges. You must put your child’s needs before your own.

It means risking it all for the sake of your child, no matter the situation. This story became a perfect example of motherly love.

Playing near a construction site, this bunch of kids discovered six small puppies. Only a few days old, the puppies snuggled together for warmth without a parent in sight.

Wanting to help, the children brought the puppies home and asked their parents for help. Their parents realized the pups needed to get to a vet ASAP.

They called Hope for Paws for help. Paws for Help went back to the construction site, they looked for the mother. Amazingly, they found her. She was trapped in a series of bushes and brambles and refused to come out.

Risky Situation

The mama appeared scared and starving. When they tried to give her food, she refused to eat.They had to bring her in, but the mama growled as they put the leash on her. Even though she seemed alone and hungry, she wanted to stay. They realized something needed to be done. It was obvious she needed to know where her babies were and to know if they were safe.  The team took her to her puppies by bringing one to her side. The second she saw her pups she became friendly and started to eat. After that, they took the family over to the vet for help.

 Thankfully, the team found that all pups were healthy including the mom. Three weeks later, they are all safe and in foster care.

The mother was named Navalina and her puppies are named: Valencia, Bergamot, Ponderosa, Satsuma, Mandarin and Clementine.

The names aptly fit as the brood turned out to be some of the sweetest pups ever! All of the pups and the mom have been adopted.


 Watch the video below to see more about the sweet pups!

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