Starving Pup Is Saved By 3 Men, Then He Disappears Again It Was Terrible

Demetrius Bibbs, Issa Mushar and DeWayne Reid could have ignored the emaciated dog that they saw wandering the streets of Detroit by the tire shop where they worked.  But instead, the men took time to help the poor pup.

Bibbs explains, “I came through the alley, he was sick, we gave him water we gave him food,” Issa Mushar adds, “We fed him yesterday.  We gave him a lot of water a lot of food – I don’t know where he went.

The dog was a starving puppy fending for himself in the city.  Reid filmed a video of the dog and contacted Fox 2 News in Detroit to ask for help.  By the time the news station arrived the next day, the dog was gone.  Reid had contacted them on a Sunday, so it was Monday when they were able to arrive on the scene. The men who gave the dog nourishment and water hoping that a caring person picked him up. In an interview with Fox 2 News, Reid commented, “It was terrible to see a dog like that.”

Fox 2 News contacted Detroit Dog Rescue with info about the now missing and emaciated dog. It didn’t take long to hunt down the whereabouts of the young dog.  Detroit Animal Control had picked him up and he was in their care.  The dog was then released to Detroit Dog Rescue.

The dog is now named Eclipse because the Solar Eclipse was going on when he was found.  Eclipse is believed to be about 8 months of age and half the weight he should be.  Bryan Enrici of Detroit Dog Rescue said, “You can tell just by looking at him that he hasn’t had very many good meals but that’s going to change for him.”  Eclipse was taken to the local animal hospital first and then he will stay at Detroit Dog Rescue until he is healthy enough to be adopted out.

Watch this video of the rescue of Eclipse. SHARE if you think these men are HEROES!

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