Couple Goes On Vacation–Someone Steals Their Dog While They Are Away

Can you even imagine returning from vacation and finding out that a stranger robbed you while you were away? Sadly, Chris Mayne and Kaori Goto experienced that exact scenario recently.

Their horror increased ten-fold when they found their beloved dog missing as well as an expensive folding bike.


Chris and Kaori didn’t think they would ever see their precious 12-year-old terrier mix again. While they were away on Vacation in Georgia, robbers took full advantage. The Brooklyn couple wasn’t worried about the missing bike, as that is replaceable.

They only wanted their precious fur baby, Zoey, back where she belonged.

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Chris and Kaori searched for days for Zoey. During that time, Chris woke up early so he could canvass the neighborhood. The heartbroken couple started to lose hope.

However, across town, another drama was unfolding that would soon change everything.


Ten miles away in the Bronx, a dog-lover named Selina Parham heard a rumor in the neighborhood about a man with a dog. A couple of young men in the community knew Selina’s reputation for rescuing dogs and informed her of this man’s plan to have the dog put to sleep.

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Selina went right to work. She said that no dog deserves to be put down for no reason at all, so she took the animal from the man until she could find her family.

Initially, Selina was going to take the dog to the SPCA to have it scanned for a microchip on her day off from work. However, fate stepped in and made that unnecessary.

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Once again, social media saved the day for an animal. As it happened, Selina came across the above post on Facebook and contacted Chris and Kaori immediately.


When Chris and Kaori showed up at the meeting to reunite with their beloved Zoey, they cried tears of joy.

“It was such a happy moment,” said Chris.

When Selina listened to her inner voice, she helped save Zoey’s life and ended up reuniting a loving family with their favorite fur baby.

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“We hugged, they cried, it was beautiful,” said Selina. “It made me feel good just to know they didn’t have to miss out on their family pet because someone was being cruel.”

Image via Little Things Video

Social media may have many downsides these days. However, one thing social media continues to do is help reunite lost animals with their families, and that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

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