Steve-O Fell In Love With A Stray Dog In Peru — Here's What He Did To Save Her (VIDEO)

Comedian Steve-O is known for some pretty off-the-wall pranks — things like breaking light bulbs with certain unmentionable body parts, and one particularly perilous stunt in which he climbed high atop a crane and set off fireworks to protest SeaWorld’s treatment of its captive orcas. That resulted in his being arrested, but he was perfectly fine with that. As an animal rights supporter, he was more than happy to take one for the cause.

However, Now Steve-O Was in Peru

He and a group of fellow celebrities were hoping to climb Mt. Tocllaraju, a towering 20,000-foot giant. However, he also wanted to bring along a four-footed cast member.

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

So he strolled around town, armed with bags of dry dog food, hoping to feed the town’s stray dogs and find one who’d like to accompany him on his journey. His efforts were not what one would call a rousing success.

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

One by one, the dogs either flat-out rejected the food or, like the poor little pup below, ran away.

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

But Then Steve-O Met Wendy

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

Immediately, there was a connection, and Wendy seemed to understand this. However, after he fed her, he had to leave to film a few scenes, and she wasn’t allowed to be there. He worried he would never see this sweet dog again, but that night Wendy surprised him while he was at a restaurant with friends by dropping in with a bunch of her dog buddies.

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

Steve-O Realized He Wanted To Adopt Wendy

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

That, however, was going to take some doing. The hotel he was staying in didn’t allow dogs, so he tried to sneak her in. Then he got busted by the hotel’s owner, who asked him to ditch her.

But he knew that just wasn’t going to happen.

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

So he figured he and his new canine companion could spend the night in a tent. However, Wendy got a nice hoth bat with help from Olympic Skier, Gus Kenworthy. As soon as she was all dry, it was time to try out sleeping in the tent.

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

Now, this beautiful dog has a brand-new life.

“She’s already got a flight to [Los Angeles], and like that, I’m gonna make her a service animal,” the actor said. “I think I’m gonna buy her a ticket on every airplane I ever get on and bring her virtually everywhere I go for the rest of her life.”

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

But before flying the friendly skies, Wendy still had to undergo one more bath, to get rid of any hitch-hiking fleas or ticks, and then it was time for a good checkup from a local vet. She passed with flying colors.

Wendy and Steve-O Were On Their Way Home

Image by Steve-O via YouTube video

This gentle dog never has to worry about where her next meal is coming from. She’ll always have plenty of love and affection and a warm bed. Sadly in Latin America, dogs are not regarded as pets. I’m well aware of this since I live in Costa Rica. Dogs are burglar alarms and sometimes pets, but street dogs are very common. Which means there are millions of homeless dogs throughout Mexico, Central, and South America.

Like Steve-O, you can help too!

Even if you can’t personally adopt a dog. Organizations like World Vets Latin America, supported by Fondation Brigitte Bardot, works to sterilize stray dogs by providing free surgical training for Latin American veterinarians and upper-level veterinary students. The organization accepts donations, and you can help here.

And in my humble little country, there’s an awesome no-kill shelter that’s caring for almost 1,000 dogs, who have 378 acres to run and play on. Best of all, most of the dogs at Territorio de Zaguates, near San Jose, Costa Rica are adoptable. If you’d like to adopt a dog, you can check this out. You can also donate here.

The video below shares the story of sweet Wendy’s rescue.

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