Steven Tyler Gives A Whistle Look Who Comes Running On Stage

Steven Tyler was being interviewed on the Late Night With Seth Meyers show.  When he does something at the very beginning that quickly commands the attention of the viewers.

“Wait, I can’t do this alone,” Tyler says. Things get really cute when Tyler calls his two dogs out by name, “Butch Cassidy,  Sundance Kid!” he yells followed by a finger whistle.  Both dogs come running out on command and have a seat next to him on the couch. The Sundance Kid takes a slight detour under the couch first but quickly finds his place on his master’s lap.

Tyler explains that the dogs travel with him and that he loves them so much. The interview then continues with Tyler talking about music and where he was born.  But dog lovers can’t help but stare at these two cutie pups who get comfortable, one on the couch and one on the chair with Tyler. When I watched it I must admit, I was staring at the dogs more than watching Tyler and Meyers. Both are very well behaved canines and have such patience as they calmly lay there looking cute.

The dogs certainly must increase the singers already very popular fan base.  It’s easy to see that Tyler loves his dogs and that they love him. Add in compassion with a love of animals to his skills as a singer and dancer and you have a winning combination.

With so many lights and with the live audience many dogs would have been distracted or stressed, but both are at total ease next to their human dad. I can guess that the dogs may even have a calming effect on the singer and the audience with their peaceful demeanor.

Enjoy watching these two sweethearts, and don’t forget to enjoy the Tyler interview too.

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