Stranded Kitten With Casts Gets Rescued By A Group Of Children Walking By

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A tiny kitten was found in Phoenix, Arizona by children who were out playing. This story may not have been too out of the ordinary except that the kitten was wearing casts. People find stray kittens every day around the world, but the wearing of casts is not something you see every day.



The kids who found the kitten asked their parents if they could help her. The parents could see that something was wrong with the kitten because of the casts. Therefore, they quickly contacted someone who may be able to help her. A well-known woman named Hamel is often contacted about animals in distress. Hamel took the kitten in right away.



“I knew the minute she arrived I would run her straight up to my vet,” Hamel explained.

“When she was brought to me, there was a little girl maybe 4 years old who was one of her finders. She had named her Cupcake and I told her that I loved the name and would keep it!”



Everyone Was Shocked To Find The Kitten’s Legs Were Fine


Hamel took Cupcake to the vet. She was examined and to everyone’s surprise, it was revealed that her legs were fine. They were not broken at all. But she was underweight, dehydrated and malnourished.



“She was quite a sight,” Hamel remembered. “I have to admit I have never seen anything quite like it. Besides the strange apparatus that she was dragging around behind her, she was so incredibly tiny! She looked so much bigger in the picture I had been sent.”




Thanks to the kids who found her, the parents, veterinarian, and Hamel, Cupcake is recovered. Therefore, she will soon be ready for adoption. In addition, through the whole ordeal, she has kept a love of people and a happy go lucky attitude. Cupcake is going to make someone a wonderful companion cat.



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