Strange Dog Spotted By Couples Car After A Quick Stop On Their Road Trip

Emily Trost and her boyfriend were on vacation when they found a dog by their vehicle. They were on a 10-week-trip and just coming out of a Montana gas station when they were greeted by a sweet dog. Little did they know at that first moment that they had made a friend for life.

Our initial thought was that she was the pet of someone else using the gas station,” Emily said.

“My boyfriend and I went around to others at the gas station asking if she was theirs. We also waited with her to see if somebody came out of the gas station store to claim her. Nobody did, and as we were waiting, we realized how dirty she was with thorns, twigs, and pricklies all caught in her long hair and our hearts broke for her.”

The couple didn’t want to drive off before finding the dog’s owner. They asked around but no one claimed her. Then a woman came out and explained that the dog was a stray. She also said how she feeds the strays and invited them to please take the dog with them.

Emily and her boyfriend thought they would at the very least take her to the shelter in the next town. But after just a few minutes of having the cute dog in their vehicle, they knew she was a keeper. They named her Montana after the state that they found her in.

Montana Loved Her New Family

They started making great memories right from the start. “The morning after we got her was the best,” Emily said. “She woke up in our tent and started crawling up to our heads, whimpering and giving us kisses. We could tell she was truly surprised that we were still there with her and that no human had probably ever stayed with her for that long.”

Montana was an absolute joy and a perfect travel companion. “She loved the rest of the trip, always excited to hike and swim with us,” Emily said. “She was great in the car and would just lay down and sleep. Emily added, “She even loved sleeping in the tent every night and learned very quickly that wherever our tent was set up was home.”

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