Stranger Told Repeatedly Not To Pet Service Dog, He Refuses To Listen Teen Almost Dies

Service dogs literally save human lives every day.  Despite serving such an important role some people insist on petting and distracting them.

Hailey Ashmore has a service dog named Flynn that warns her ahead of time before she has a seizure.  Flynn gives Hailey the time that she needs to call for help.  One day Hailey was visiting her dad at work when someone started petting Flynn despite the sign that the dog wears to tell people to not pet him.

“I immediately told him to stop [petting Flyyn],” Hailey explained.  But it was too late. “I am used to him giving me 10-minute warnings, so when he alerted that’s what I thought I had,” Hailey explained. “Out of nowhere, I remember the world going black. I woke up with Flynn on top of my legs and my father cradling my head. On the whole left side of my face, there was a terrible sting that made me tear up.”

“My Service Dog is My Lifeline”

Hailey wants everyone to know that they should not pet nor distract service dogs.

 “My service dog is my lifeline. I don’t say that to be cute. He helps keep me alive just like life support. If he gets distracted this happens. If he gets distracted I can die. Do not pet service dogs or call for service dogs.” She goes on to say, “Do not taunt service dogs or talk to service dogs.”

Hopefully, Hailey’s photos and a plea to people to stop distracting service dogs will help prevent this from happening to someone else.  Service dogs help save lives.

Let’s all respect the incredible jobs that they do. Share with someone to help Hailey spread awareness.

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