Stray Cat Wanders Into A Zoo And Quickly Finds A New Best Friend


Animals can create the most unique friendships. Sometimes it’s a friendship formed between different species like a dog and a dolphin. Other times, it may be a friendship formed within the same type of animal. Domestic cats can form strong friendships. But most of the time when we think of a domestic cat forming a feline friendship, it’s with another domestic cat. What you are about to read about is a domestic cat who forms a friendship with a much different type of cat.



A Calico cat made her way into the St. Petersburg Zoo in 2007. While this may not seem too abnormal considering she was a stray, the fact that she visited the lynx enclosure is definitely out of character. A Lynx is a much larger and wild cat that could quickly kill a small domestic cat.



Zoo Staff Rescued The Calico Out Of The Lynx Enclosure. But Then…


When zoo officials found the calico kitty, they quickly removed her from the enclosure. But the very next day the calico cat wanted to go back and visit her lynx friend. The lynx greeted the cat with a kiss and licking. It was becoming plain for all to see that these cats were friends.



Since that time, the lynx and the calico have become friends that many zoo visitors have grown to love. The two are inseparable. They live a life of harmony together with mutual grooming and playing. Who would have thought that the calico cat would be safe with the wild lynx? It just goes to show that animals are individuals with preferences for certain personalities. They really are very much like humans if you think about it.



Do you know of any unlikely animal friendships that you’d like to share? If so tell us about it. It’s special to see how animals of different types and even different species can grow to form a tight friendship.




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