Stray Dog Follows Marathon Runner 77 Miles What Happens After The Race Goes Viral

Running a 155-mile race in the Gobi desert isn’t easy to do by yourself but Dion Leonard, an extreme marathon runner, was about to do just that or so he thought.

Leonard had entered China’s Gobi Desert 155 mile race.  At the start of the race waiting for the starting shot, he noticed a little dog wandering around.  During day one the dog ran with the group of runners but by day 2 he had chosen Leonard as his human.

“I looked back and seen her following me and thought there is no way this dog will make it the entire leg (25 miles).  But when he crossed the finish line that day the dog was by his side.  They shared everything from food, water and even sleeping quarters. By day 3 Leonard realized this was no ordinary dog and that his life was changed forever.

Leonard appropriately named her Godi and the pair ran a total of 77 miles of the 155 miles together. In some areas, he even had to carry her.  His wife said this is the first race he finished with a smile on his face.

After The Race

Once the race was over, the Scottish runner knew he couldn’t leave his new friend behind. He started a fundraising campaign on Crowdfunder to “Bring Gobi Home,” and that’s when the story of this medal winning pup goes viral.

Dion needed to raise about $6,535 to cover the medical and quarantine expenses that would come along with the adoption process, and once people heard his story the money started pouring in. The campaign raised more than three times the original goal, and Dion said the extra funds will be donated to help other dogs still waiting to be adopted.

Between medical clearances and government bureaucracy the adoption process can take months, so Gobi is still in China waiting to go to her forever home.

Talk about going the distance.

Ultramarathon runner Dion Leonard adopted stray dog Gobi after she followed him across China.

Posted by BBC Radio 5 live on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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