Stray Dog Sees A Puppy Tied Up And Steps In To Help


Dmitriy Timchenko saw an amazing scene take place between two dogs. Timchenko and a friend were in Novorossiysk, Russia when they saw a pit bull tethered in front of a store.  Then a stray dog showed up. What happened next shows the compassion that dogs can have for each other.


Dmitriy Timchenko

The pit bull’s owner was shopping and only left his dog there for a very short time. But to a stray dog that was passing by, it must have looked like the dog was either abandoned or in need of help. Without much hesitation, the stray dog untied the tethered dog.


“I’ve seen this stray dog around town many times,” Timchenko said. “He always uses the crosswalk to cross the street. He’s a very smart dog.”


Dmitriy Timchenko

This stray dog must almost be kindhearted too. Timchenko got to watch how the stray dog carefully and meticulously untied the tethered dog.  He did this by loosening the knot. It did not take long for the tethered pet to walk away free.


This Remarkable Feat Was Caught On Video.


Timchenko and his friend knew they needed to do something quickly. The pit bull could have also become a stray if he wandered off too far. “We went into the store and called the owner on the loudspeaker,” Timchenko said. “She came outside to get her dog.”


No one knows much about the stray dog other than she is extremely smart. She also seems to be in good health according to Timchenko. If any dog can survive on the streets, this dog probably had one of the best chances of making it. But still, it would be wonderful if someone adopted this smart and caring dog. All dogs deserve a soft place to sleep and a safe place to call home. Dogs all deserve a fresh bowl of water and food every day. Let’s hope that someone comes along and cares for this dog, the way that she cared for the pit bull.

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