Stray Dog Tries To Play With Soccer Net–He Ends Up Getting Stuck And Needs Help

On the streets of India, a stray dog was roaming and came across a soccer net. As puppies and even full-grown dogs tend to want, this stray wanted to play with it. It’s a more stringy version of a tug rope, right?

Even if so, the poor dog soon found himself quite stuck in the net.

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about the dog, but they had no idea how long he’d been stuck for. They could only assume that he was really scared and confused. They wasted no time in beginning to get him out of the net.

Having abundant curiosity, the dog was excited to see the rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited. He didn’t make a fuss and accepted their kindness and attention.

Of course, this sweet pup only tried to get more from his rescuers. He smiled up at them, just begging for pets.

It wasn’t simple to get the stray out of his predicament, though. Soccer nets are a complex mess of strings and knots. The dog had tangled himself in the mess of netting. The net made the rescue take a fair amount of time as they cut through the layers of netting. I’m sure the dog didn’t mind having his companion!

Finally, the rescuers were able to slide him out of the soccer net! This playful pup rolled right onto his back as soon as he was free, ready for more rubs. And just look at this sweetheart! How can you resist giving him belly rubs?

On top of the attention, the rescuers gave the dog food since they had no idea when he’d last been able to eat. Afterward, they took the stray back to the shelter to check for any sustained injuries.

Though he wasn’t in bad health, the stray suffered from mange. The rescuers treated him for it, and of course, the stray accepted the gratuitous attention.

We can only hope this dog will be more careful in the future when exploring his curiosity with his new owner!

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