Stray Dogs Found Shelter At A Bus Station After Being Left In The Freezing Cold


Winter can be a hard time on animals. Wildlife struggle to find food and keep warm, while homeless animals do the same. Some homeless animals end up at shelters where they are either euthanized, find adoptive homes or live out their lives at shelters. But sometimes there are more creative answers. Thanks to some compassionate staff at a Barreirinha bus station in Brazil, three dogs found warmth and care right there at the bus station.


The bus staff provided three homeless dogs with food, water, and warm beds during the winter. The dog beds were made out of used tires. Inside each tire, they placed a comfy blanket for each dog to snuggle up in.



The Dogs Were Given Names Too


No one knew the background of the dogs. All they knew is that they were strays and they needed someone to care for them during the harshest season of the year. Every dog deserves a name, so they also named the trio. They named them Max, Pitoco and Zoinho. Even though they had no family to call their own, the dogs were given the care that they needed to survive.



Fabiane Rosa, a local politician and animal lover, found out about the kindness that the bus staff showed. She acknowledged them on a Facebook post (translated from Portuguese.) “Congratulations to the terminal staff, everyone understands that these angels are there and have a right to be… So many companies in Curitiba could follow this example, adopting a pet. Of course, it is not ideal, but at least there are those who are looking after them,” Rosa stated.



This story goes to show that we can all do something to make a difference in the life of an animal. They could have just ignored the dogs. Not everyone is in the situation to take a dog home. But they did what they could to make those three dogs’ lives better. If everyone did something like this to show compassion to the less fortunate animals and people, the world would be a much better place for all.



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