Stray Found Covered In Oil, When The Camera Pulls Back I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

While on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico the IFAW team was in a remote area when they stumbled upon a stray dog covered in used motor oil.  The stray was nothing but skin and bones the team knew he had to be starving.

The team contacted a local partner, The Humane Society of Cozumel Island where they immediately took the dog in.  Workers there began immediate care for the dog that they named Coconut.  Coconut only knew what it felt like to be ignored, to starve, and to be cast aside.

Coconut only knew what it felt like to starve and to be cast aside and ignored.  Life was about to change for Coconut because he was about to be saved.

 “The split second I saw him, I knew I loved him and wanted him in my life.”

Right then and there she knew Coconut belonged to her and her family.  As she fell in love with Coconut, she was also preparing herself for bad news about his health.  He didn’t look good at all.

After being treated for heartworm, he was on his way to recovery.  He received a nice warm bath, a haircut, and his nails trimmed.  The transformation was unbelievable.  Coconut was finally clean, and his outside was just as sweet as his inside.

After living the street life for what probably felt like an eternity, Coconut is living the dream life.  He is finally surrounded by a family that loves him.

You can see Coconuts amazing transformation in the video below.  

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