Stray mother cat paws at the door but she is about to surprise them as they open the door

Would you let a stray cat in your home? A lot of people worry about letting stray animals into their homes for many reasons. But mostly because they do not want them to bring anything in with them, like fleas, diseases, or maybe even a bad attitude. Whatever the scenario, it always seems that people are apprehensive about letting animals on the streets come inside. For this man, it was not the case. When a cat was sitting outside his door, he decided to do something not many people do.  The man let the cat in! In the video below it states,

The cat was very friendly and didn’t mind when the owner of the house stroked her head.

What he did not realize was that this beautiful kitty was not alone. She had friends!The nice cat was pregnant! Not only was she pregnant, but she was due at any moment as you can see in the video below. So the kind man took care of her until she gave birth. In the video, it reads,

That was the reason why a stray cat who is usually prideful and avoids people mustered up all of her courage to ask to owner to let her in. So that she can protect her unborn kittens.

The momma cat gave birth to three beautiful kittens. They made the most adorable family. And craziest of all they all looked almost identical!

There is something to be said about people who open their homes to animals. These types of people realize that stray animals are in desperate need of a home and tender loving care. Even though this man did not know the outcome of letting the momma cat in the house, he took a chance. The reward was greater than he expected.

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