Stray puppy made rescuers take a closer look when they saw he couldn’t stand up


Maelle Girard and her boyfriend Gilles Manzato had only moved to Bali recently when it happened. They were on the way to get furniture for their new house when they passed it. A malnourished puppy was simply laying there in the grass. The poor little thing couldn’t even stand up on its own.


As they got closer to the puppy, at first the couple thought it was dead. However, they quickly realized that the poor skinny creature was breathing. Since they were so new to the area, they freaked out a little. They had no idea what to do or who to turn to for help.

At first, they continued to the furniture store, because they didn’t know what else to do. However, neither one of them could get the little thing out of their mind.

They knew they had to turn around.

stand photo of very sick puppy with very little fur laying on ground
Image from Maelle Girard via The Dodo

“So we drove back to the same spot and the puppy was there, trying to stand up,” said Girard.


When the couple stopped their scooter, the puppy finally got up and walked right over to them.

“I tried to ask around if someone knew what happened, but no one could help, so we brought it home.,” explained Girard.

stand photo of puppy with very little fur laying on towel in very tight ball as if terrified
Image from Maelle Girard via The Dodo

Girard and Manzato took the puppy into their new home. The frail little girl, which the couple named Ika, was far too young to be on her own. Sadly, Ika didn’t have much fur left because of a nasty case of scabies.


At first, the couple planned to get Ika to a local rescue shelter. However, they instantly fell in love with the little girl so deeply; they couldn’t part with her.

Girard told the Dodo that Ika’s skin was so itchy the first few days, all she did was, “scratch constantly and cry at the same time.”

stand photo of ika the puppy laying on towel looking very tired
Image from thebalisquad via Instagram

The first few days were very tense for the couple as well as Ika. The little girl would only rise long enough to eat. Girard and her boyfriend took the puppy to a vet to get her scabies treated. After that, they gave her daily coconut oil scrubs to soothe her skin.


It didn’t happen overnight. However, inch-by-inch, Ika started to look like a whole new dog. From a nearly hairless puppy that couldn’t even stand, she became almost unrecognizable.

stand photo of ika looking much better with some obvious fur growing in
Image from Maelle Girard via The Dodo

As Ika started to feel better, her personality began to shine through.


Ika’s parents were shocked when they realized that the once sick little girl is actually quite bossy.

“Ika is definitely an alpha dog,” said Girard.

stand photo of beautiful Ika looking healthy and gorgeous on a porch
Image from thebalisquad via Instagram

Girard and Manzato took Ika with them everywhere after she healed. And, believe it or not, that’s not the end of the story.


Only four months after Ika’s rescue, Girard was feeding local strays when another puppy approached her for help.

stand photo of dobby the puppy greeting Girard with a nose boop
Image from thebalisquad via Instagram

Every time Girard showed up, the little puppy would come running. She was always happy to see Girard and jumped on her scooter for cuddles. Because of the puppy’s sad expression and overly large ears, Girard’s friends named her Dobby, after the Harry Potter character.

At first, Girard was only bringing Dobby to her house for weekly skin treatments. After treatments, Dobby would always return to her pack.

That is, until the fourth day. As soon as Girard opened the gate, Dobby refused to leave.


You see, Dobby decided then and there that she wanted to be in a new pack.

stand photo of healthy dobby and a healthy ika playing together
Image from Maelle Girard via The Dodo

It’s been three years since the couple adopted Dobby and Ika. Since then, they have dedicated their time to rescuing and rehoming as many Balinese dogs as they can. They even added one more to their own pack.

stand photo of all three dogs happy in the back of a vehicle
image from thebalisquad via Instagram

A “foster fail” that the couple named Coco joined the pack in July 2017. Now, the couple calls their family, “the Bali Squad,” and they are living a wonderfully joyous life together in Bali.

Now, the Bali Squad works together with problem dogs to help rehabilitate them and get them rehomed. Coco, Dobby, and Ika are all a huge help in that department.

Three years ago, the couple never could have predicted that helping one needy puppy would lead to all this. However, we are confident that the homeless dogs in Bali are sure glad that happened.

Please share this story with your friends to thank this fantastic couple and their beautiful dogs for all their hard work.

Featured Image from Maelle Girard via The Dodo

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