Street cat finally finds a place to warm his paws and his heart

There are a ton of us who don’t mind the winter season all that much. We ski, snowboard, build snowmen, and enjoy our time outside in the chilly air. However, for a street cat living in Canada, that’s certainly not the case. A poor homeless kitty outside all winter must fight to survive, and even for the fiercest cats, the cold ends up being way too harsh. Water sources freeze up and finding a warm place to curl up and sleep can be impossible.


That was definitely the case for Padou. Padou was a street cat living in Montreal, Canada. Sadly, many people around the neighborhood knew about the plucky cat, but no one ever stopped to help him. Though, Padou wasn’t exactly a social cat.

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All that changed, however, when a lovely woman named Aya spotted the struggling feline.


As we said, though, Padou is a street cat through and through. For quite some time, he didn’t trust Aya or any human. But that didn’t stop Aya. She started feeding Padou every day to attempt to gain his trust.

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For help, Aya reached out to a local cat rescue group called Chatons Orphelins Montreal. You see, his condition deteriorated. She knew they needed to step up their game and get this boy some help.


Aya noticed that Padou was having trouble breathing. So, to attempt to get him inside, they set up humane traps in Padou’s neighborhood. However, we know Padou is a street cat and he was far too wise to fall for that trick.

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So, they were patient. Every day, rescuers provided food. They even started to feed him by hand so he could get used to their touch.


Finally, Aya and the rescuer’s patience paid off. Padou allowed the humans to touch him. He probably regretted it for a few minutes since they rushed him straight to the vet. However, we all know that it was for his own good.

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And, of course, it didn’t take long for Padou to realize the same thing.

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Currently, Padou is very warm and very loved in a foster home. He has come around to the whole “human” thing, and his foster mom can’t get him to stop purring.

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You can keep up with Padou on Chatons Orphelins Montreal’s facebook page right here. Share this story with your friends to remind them to bring in their fluffy loved ones this winter.

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