Wallaby Gets Stuck In Rising Floodwaters–Rescuers Take Action


On Monday morning, Ms. Nettlefold and her partner took a drive to Adelaide River Bridge. They went to check the flood level, but what they found became much more than that. She found a poor young wallaby stuck in the river.

She said she only saw his head above the water. It seemed like he got stuck and became unable to jump out.

Looking around, she saw around 15 wallabies looking confused at the one in the river. She thought maybe the young ones had no idea where to go during the rain.

“It was just his head above water,” she said.

“It’s like – he’d gone into the water, got stuck, and didn’t have the energy to jump out.”

Having cared for young wallabies before, she keeps a towel in her car in case of emergency. Approaching the animal with caution, she realized he had no energy and seemed unthreatening.

Wrapping him up in a towel, she drove him to the Ark Animal Vet. They treated him for hypothermia. Otherwise, he seemed healthy.

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