Student Refuses To Send Her Class Pig To Slaughter, Instead Devises Heroic Rescue Plan

Animals are often used as experiments for humans to learn from.  Though many hear about the cruel laboratory procedures used on animals for testing, we don’t often hear of the others that are mass slaughtered after university classes end.

Pecan is a pig that was raised by Erica, a college student taking an agriculture class.  Erica knew that at the end of class, that Pecan would be slaughtered.  What she didn’t realize though was how attached she would become to Pecan. She also realized that Pecan had feelings and emotions just like a pet dog or cat.

When the class came to an end Erica knew she couldn’t just turn her head as Pecan went off to market. She had to do something.  That’s when she contacted Temerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary in Montague Township, NJ for help.

Temerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary Helps To Save Pecan’s Life

“Erica thought she would be OK with Pecan going to market,” said Gabrielle Stubbert, founder, and president of Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.  “As she raised Pecan she realized how special, smart and intelligent he was and got very attached to him.”

Stubbert explained that many college students are unaware of what will happen to their animal when the semester is over.  Stubbert told the story of how one girl took the class and didn’t realize what would happen to her sheep when the class was over.

The student had taken the class and raised a sheep that was a grand champion.  When the girl returned the following year to visit the sheep she was informed that the sheep had been sent to market.  She was devastated.  

Thankfully though this is not how Pecan’s life story ended.  Though his story is not the norm, here is what can happen when someone steps forward to help.

The video below shows the rescue Erika and her classmates planned.

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