Sumatran Tiger Gives Birth To Lifeless Cub, Then Caretakers Watch In Awe As Motherly Insticts Kick In

There are many endangered species living on our planet. One of these species is the Sumatran tiger. This species of tiger is native to the Sunda Islands, where are all the other species of tigers have gone extinct. The Bali tiger and the Javan tiger, cousins to the Sumatran tiger, have gone extinct.

Workers at an Australian Zoo are giving it their all to keep this type of tiger alive. One of the residents at the zoo named Kaitlyn is considered an endangered tiger. This Sumatran tiger gets around the clock care and workers are super excited because she is pregnant.

The zookeepers make sure everything is going well during her pregnancy, especially since her breed is used to living in the wild. When she finally gives birth, zookeepers are worried because the baby is not responsive. Kaitlyn steps in and helps her suffering baby.

The zookeepers watch in hopes the baby being okay. They did not want to interfere with birth, so they let Kaitlyn take charge. The baby is still struggling, but Kaitlyn keeps nudging her with her tongue, trying to calm her down. Eventually the baby starts to make sounds. That’s when the vets knew everything was going to be okay. Kaitlyn truly did a great job helping her baby back to health.

After helping her first born, the tiger gave birth to one more baby. Both of her children are healthy and living, thanks to their sweet momma.

This zoo will continue to take good care of them too due to their risk of endangerment. Tigers need our help. They are dying at rapid rates. We need them on this planet; they are good for our environment.

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