Surprisingly, this rescue rabbit and cocker spaniel share a very special bond

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Dog and rabbits normally are enemies in the wild. Rabbits hide and run from dogs so that they don’t become the canine’s dinner. That said, this makes it even more special that a dog has developed a friendship with a domestic rabbit.


Image Source: Instagram/ lolathecavie


Lola is a King Charles Spaniel and Pepper is a rescued Chinchilla rabbit. The two have become best buddies. Las Vegas resident Courtney Donaker, their owner puts words to this unlikely friendship. She said that the two formed their friendship when Lola developed a spinal condition called syringomyelia. The disease has left the young pup in constant pain. That is until Pepper the rabbit arrived to help her with the pain.


Image Source: Instagram/ lolathecavie


“Pepper would hop over to Lola and seemed to be comforting her,” Donaker said. “She would rub her nose against Lola as if to be almost petting her.” This snuggling helped Lola to feel better. Pepper also calmed her down on bad days. Donaker was even able to reduce Lola’s medication when Pepper arrived.


Image Source: Instagram/ lolathecavie

“Their favorite thing to do is go up and down the stairs together,” Donaker said. They also both like to dig and burrow in blankets. When they aren’t playing they cuddle and groom. “Pepper is probably less of a rabbit and more of a dog,” Donaker joked.


Sometimes the duo gets into shenanigans together. “Lola will get the toilet paper down, and they’ll rip up and eat the entire toilet roll,” Donaker said.“I think Pepper enjoys the toilet paper way more than Lola,” she added.


Image Source: Instagram/ lolathecavie

The love that these two share has inspired many. “Sometimes the unlikeliest friends can have the most beautiful friendship,” Donaker said. “Love is just wonderful and remarkable and you can find it in the most wonderful surprising places,” she added.


Check out this video of Lola and Pepper. It is sure to put a smile on your face.



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