Survivor Puppy Beats The Odds After Being Born With 5 Legs And Now He Needs A Home


You may have heard of tripod dogs who only have three legs. But have you ever heard of a dog with 5 legs? This is the story of one dog whose vets believed would not live more than a few hours.  But then he went on to shock them all. Let’s take a look at how one very special dog overcame some early life concerns to later flourish.



Different From The Start


One thing that makes Ellery Max different is obviously his extra leg. But he also has some other issues. For example, he didn’t open his eyes on a normal puppy schedule which is around 10 days. Instead, Ellery Max took 3 weeks to open his beautiful little eyes. He also had a hard time ingesting formula. But in spite of these difficulties, Ellery Max kept growing stronger with each day. He was just on his own schedule.


Laura Lee Labelle from The Labelle Foundation came into Ellery’s life at just the right time. She happily took him in and gave him a chance for a happy future. While in her care, he opened his eyes and began to suck from a bottle.


Ellery’s hind leg stopped growing and it was in the way of his mobility. The decision was made to surgically remove his 5th leg. He is now at a shelter in Southern California. Being different can often mean extra-ordinary, which is what this little guy is displaying with his fighting attitude.



Let’s hope that the right person finds Ellery Max and makes him a forever family member. As you will see from the video below, Ellery has quite the spunky personality. Something tells me that he is going to continue to flourish and thrive. Someone is going to get one very extraordinary dog as a best buddy, hopefully very soon.


Take A Look At Ellery Max’s Story Here In This Video


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