Sweet Dog Chained Up His Entire Life Has The Best Reaction To Seeing The Ocean

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Anyone who has a dog probably knows how excited dogs get when they can run around outside. But sadly, not all dogs get the opportunity to run around in nature with their human. In fact, one German Shepherd named Hershel spent the first five years of his life locked inside a cage. But this was not how Herschel was going to spend the rest of his life thanks to rescuers who saved him.



Hershel is a big dog and big dogs need extra space to run. The first step closer to freedom for Herschel was that he was rescued from his caged existence. But when he was placed in a shelter he had so much energy that people shied away from adopting him. That is when a nonprofit group called Save Our Shelter took over.



The first thing that Save Our Shelter did was arrange for Herschel to go on his first beach field trip. He was also able to have many other first time experiences. “Herschel was able to see the snow for the first time, and he also got to give free teddy bear hugs,” the organization stated. “As a matter of fact, that day got him enough awareness that now, we’re going on a little road trip to deliver him to his forever home.”



Herschel Goes To The Ocean For The First Time. His Reaction Is Pure Joy!


Perhaps the greatest part of this story is that Herschel got to see the ocean. His reaction to seeing the open space, the waves, the sand, and the scents is just priceless and pure joy. Think for a moment, how you would feel if you spent the first 5 years of your life in a cage and then saw the ocean. If you are wondering how Hershel felt, then you are in for a treat. Because it was all captured on camera. Enjoy!


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