Sweet Grandpa Brings His Loyal Dog To Furniture Store To Make Sure She Likes His New Chair Too

Aleecia Dahl’s grandpa wasn’t wanting a dog but now he can’t imagine life without his best friend, Coco. Her grandpa and Coco are inseparable. He even took Coco shopping for furniture so that he could be sure she liked it too.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you really needed in life until you have it. Then you can’t imagine life without that special person or pet in your life. That’s how it is for Grandpa and Coco. “Coco is the dog Grandpa never wanted but cannot live without,” Dahl said. “They are the best of friends that he never knew he needed.”

Image Source: Aleecia Dahl

Not Just Any Chair Would Do. It Had To Be Comfortable Enough For Grandpa And Coco.

When Dahl’s grandpa needed a new chair, he wanted to make sure that Coco would fit comfortably too. “When grandma and grandpa moved, they [needed to buy] new furniture,” Dahl said. “It was Grandpa’s requirement that the footrest on his lounge chair was wide enough for him and Coco to sit side by side.”

Just Look At Them! This Is An Absolutely Precious Photo And Sweet Gesture Of Grandpa To Make Sure Coco Approved.

Image Source: Aleecia Dahl

Coco Looked Like She Was Taking Her Time In Making Her Decision.

The duo of Grandpa and Coco entering the furniture store must have been an adorable sight to behold. “He brought Coco into several stores to try out chairs until he found the perfect one,” Dahl said. “Coco was always greeted with a smile, as I am sure it’s not every day a man and his dog go furniture shopping!”

Image Source: Aleecia Dahl

The relationship between Grandpa and Coco is so special because they care about each other. That is what love truly is. To care about the needs of the other being. “She’s his little best friend,” Dahl said.

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