Sweet Little Girl Writes An Adorable List Of Reasons Why Reggie The Dog Should Be Adopted

It’s a mystery as to why one sweet 10-year-old pit bull named Reggie is having a hard time finding a forever home. One little girl named Elivia at his foster home is hoping to do something about that.

Thea-Marie Parent

Reggie was rescued in July from a local shelter. He was placed in foster care with Thea-Marie Parent and her daughter Elivia, who is 10 years of age.  This mother-daughter duo lives in Haines City, Florida. Elivia and Reggie hit it off immediately when they first met and have become best friends since.

Thea-Marie Parent

“She’ll go out there for hours and just play with him,” Parent said. “She’ll teach him tricks.” Parent runs a home doggie daycare and pet boarding facility called Pixie Paws. Because of this, Reggie is very well socialized with dogs.

Thea-Marie Parent

“People spend thousands to send their puppies away [to training] so they come back just like him,” Parent explained. But for some reason, Reggie still has no forever home. Parent speculates that it may be because of his advanced age. “Someone’s just got to give him a chance,” Parent said. “He’s got the energy to keep up with even the youngest pups.”

Thea-Marie Parent

Even Though Elivia Would Love To Keep Reggie, She Is Helping Him Find A Forever Home

Elivia decided to help Reggie find a home by writing a list of why he should be adopted. “He likes other dogs (except intact males),” was the first thing Elivia wrote.

Thea-Marie Parent

“She understands that some dogs are neutered and some are not,” Parent said. “And right at the beginning, one of the unneutered males mounted Reggie a bit, and he didn’t really like it. So when she was writing the list, she asked, ‘Why didn’t he get along with that one dog?’ And I was like, ‘He still has his balls.’”

Thea-Marie Parent

“He would fit anywhere,” Parent said. “He’s the perfect dog.”

Thea-Marie Parent

Elivia is hoping that they get to keep Reggie, but her mom explained that if they did, they couldn’t keep fostering other dogs. But she did say that “Whoever takes him — if they go on vacation, he [Reggie] can come back here and stay with us,” Parent said.

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