Sweet Mama Dog Has Been Waiting Her Whole Life For A Forever Home


One sweet 6-year-old dog named Lexi Mama has been living at a shelter for four years waiting for a family to adopt her. Lexi is sweet as can be and should make someone a great pet.


Bonnie Zarrillo

Bonnie Zarrilo, a volunteer dog walker at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in New  York has been Lexi’s dog walker. Zarrilo can testify to the fact that Lexi has a lot of love to give. She’s just waiting for the opportunity to be able to show it.


Bonnie Zarrillo


The history of Lexi before she arrived at the shelter is unknown. Lexi was picked up as a stray, arriving at the shelter in 2014. The first time that Lexi was brought into the shelter, her owner claimed her. But the next time that she was brought in with one of her puppies, the owner didn’t claim her.


Bonnie Zarrillo

It didn’t take long for Lexi’s puppy to get adopted. But no one wanted Lexi.


Bonnie Zarrillo

Lexi Just Needs Time To Trust People

Bonnie Zarrillo

Lexi is starting to show signs of the stress she has endured. “She’d lost all the fur on the side of her body and it showed up as dark black marks,” Zarrillo said. “The shelter had sent her to an outside vet to see what was up with her, and they said it was from stress.”


Bonnie Zarrillo

In 2018, things were looking brighter for Lexi. A man adopted her and she lived the next 10 months in Maine with her human. She got to live in the house and her fur grew back. But Sadly, Lexi returned to the shelter because the man’s living situation changed.




Bonnie Zarrillo 

“I know there is a great home out there for Lexi, and I wish every day that it comes soon,” Zarrillo said. “I can’t tell you how often she will lick away my tears, but little does she know they are for her.


Bonnie Zarrillo

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