Sweet puppy is adopted by a little girl who is exactly like him, their bond is unbreakable

Dogs and humans have a connection like no other animals. The loyalty of a dog is unbeatable. Humans connect with dogs alike themselves. Do you ever notice how most dogs look like there human family? Not literally, but they do fit in nicely. Humans gravitate towards dogs that are a reflection of themselves.

Addy, a young girl, was born without a right arm. When her mother was surfing the internet she came across an adorable English Golden Retriever. The dog was just like Addy, he was also missing his right front paw. Addy’s mother knew she had to adopt the sweet puppy, Popcorn. Her mom, Tiffany, believed that if she bought Popcorn, Addy and he could go through the same struggles together. And maybe Addy would not feel as alone.

After Tiffany told her children about Popcorn, they could not wait to meet him. Once it was adoption day, the kids were going nuts. They had to meet the new family member. When the pair finally met, they were an instant match. Addy called his right paw the “lucky fin” just like in Nemo. After they arrived back at their house, Addy made up their handshake. It was called the “fin bump”.

The pair does everything together. Addy brings Popcorn wherever she goes. Tiffany is so glad that she found Popcorn because his addition to the family has been nothing but positive. Addy’s love for Popcorn grows every single day. Since they share such a special bond, Addy feels so much more confident in herself. The support and loyalty of a dog help a person get through adversity and that is exactly what Popcorn did for Addy.

Tiffany feels very blessed to have Popcorn in their family. Watch the video below to see the adorable pair and their journey.

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