Sweet puppy is overjoyed when the firefighter who rescued her comes for a visit

It was a typical day at work for firefighter Mike Thawley until he spotted something strange. It took Mike a minute to work out what he saw — a puppy, stranded, alone, and tied to a pole in the rain. After he rescued her and turned the sweet thing over to a shelter, he went to visit her the next day. When the puppy spotted her rescuer, she became so overjoyed she almost lifted in the air from wagging her tail so much.

And that’s only the beginning of their story.


Mike Thawley was out on a walk when he spotted the abandoned puppy. Standing there, all alone in the rain, and terribly neglected, Mike knew he could never simply walk away. He waited for a while to see if her owners showed up. Of course, no one did. So, the firefighter took matters into his own hands.

Image from Sacramento Fire Department via We Love Animals

First, Mike took the sweet little girl to his fire station in Sacramento to wash her up and check her for wounds. Thawley and his fellow firefighters named the sweet girl Chunk.

Image from Sacramento Fire Department via We Love Animals

Then, after she was clean and ready to go, Mike took her to a local shelter. Most of these stories tend to end here, with hopes that the animal eventually found a new home.

That’s not the case for Mike and Chunk.


You see, the day after Mike took Chunk to the shelter, it seems he couldn’t get her off his mind. He went to visit her there. Check out the video of their first visit.

As you can see, as she first came out of her cage, Chunk was hesitant. However, as soon as she realized her rescuer was there, she became overjoyed in the extreme.

At least as much as she was able, you see, she had mange horribly which meant her skin was very painful.


Chunk obviously loved her new firefighter pal. However, it quickly became evident that Mike loved Chunk just as much. He and his family decided to foster the little girl until another family could adopt her.

Image from Dr. Marty Becker via Facebook

Again, most of the time this story would end there with most of us hoping a family came along eventually. Well, Mike and Chunk’s story is far from over.


Just like when he dropped her at the shelter, Mike couldn’t ignore Chunk’s unconditional love and adoration. He and his family quickly fell in love with the sweet little thing.

Photo from Pibble Life via Facebook

We are happy to annouce that after a while in the Thawley household, Chunk is now a permanent member. They just couldn’t part with the sweet girl.

Someone shot the video below on the day Mike made the adoption official.

Here at Animals Being Cute we want to thank Mike and his family for doing the right thing. Share this story to thank this hero for a job well done.

Featured Image from Pibble Life via Facebook

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