Sweet senior dogs need a forever home together

Two senior Chihuahuas named Zachary and Pee Wee were taken to a shelter  in North Carolina when their owner passed away. The shelter was over crowded and just could not provide for them. Thankfully, an animal rescue named Adoption First took them in. It did not take long for the staff at Adoption First to witness just how much Zachary and Pee Wee loved each other. To split them up would be tragic for the duo.

Adoption First Animal Rescue

Nicole Johnson, an Adoption First Staff member explained how strong their bond is. Johnson said, “They cuddle all of the time. They want to be curled up with each other, and look to each other to feel safe. When separated, Pee Wee gets very depressed and has a hard time warming up to new people!”

Adoption First Animal Rescue

Zachary is more outgoing with new acquaintances than Pee Wee. “Zachary is the more friendly and loving one. He loves to be held and cuddled. And Pee Wee takes her time to trust new people. She likes her space and only wants to be cuddled after she trusts you!” Johnson said.

Adoption First Animal Rescue

Here Comes The Bride

The rescue staff wanted to do something special for Zachary and Pee Wee to celebrate the special bond that they shared. Johnson explained, “We thought with as close as they are to each other, they deserved their fairy-tale wedding after all these years.”

A tux was located for Zachary to wear and a dress was donated for Pee Wee to wear.  On a blanket outside with the rescue staff as witnesses, the two canines were hitched, for better or for worse. Furthermore, in sickness or in healthy these two would surely need to be adopted together.

Adoption First Animal Rescue

The wedding was a wonderful success for all involved. Johnson explained, “The weather cleared up just in time for the big event. They were both very proud and had the sweetest smiles!”

Adoption First Animal Rescue

Now It’s Time For Their Happily Ever After

The best wedding present for this happy couple would be that they would be adopted into a forever home together. Therefore, the rescue staff feels that the happy couple would do best in a quiet home with no young children. Therefore, the staff wants potential adopters to know that they both love car rides and being with other dogs, especially senior dogs.

Adoption First Animal Rescue

If you or someone you know may be interested in adopting Zachary and Pee Wee please contact the Adoption First Animal Rescue.

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