Talk to your animals? Well, science just confirmed that means you’re pretty smart

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Are you one of those people that likes to talk to your animals? Well, while that may have made a person look a little nutty in the past, those times are behind us. Now, according to a new study, people that talk to their animals are smarter than those who don’t.


So, a recent study from the University of Chicago published in the Psychology Review states that when we talk to our animals, we display something called anthropomorphism. That display means that we tend to be more intelligent, creative, and rational than our tight-lipped peers.

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According to Merriam Webster, anthropomorphism is, “an interpretation of what is not human or personal in terms of human or personal characteristics.” In other words, we assign human characteristics to non-humans using what we know about ourselves, and that makes us pretty darn smart.


According to this study, when you talk to your animals, it’s much the same as when a child finds comfort with an imaginary friend. Now we know that behavior not only strengthens the bond between you and your pet, it also means you’re likely pretty smart.

“Historically, anthropomorphizing has been treated as a sign of childishness or stupidity, but it’s actually a natural byproduct of the tendency that makes humans uniquely smart on this planet,” said researcher Nicholas Epley.

Also, talking to your animals shows that you have more compassion towards animals. You see, people who believe that their pet has a personality of its own tend to treat all animals with more respect.


Of course, we realize that animals can’t generally answer you or talk back — which is all at once good and bad. However, that doesn’t mean that animals don’t communicate at all.

For example, did you know that whales can communicate under the water? They can speak to their families from hundreds of miles away! And that’s just one fantastic example of how animals talk to each other.

So, the next time you find yourself prattling on to your dog about your day, don’t worry. If anyone comments, now all you have to do is tell them you’re studying.

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