Pupil Sends His Teacher A Tearjerking Letter After Her Dog Dies

In Scotland, a teacher, Mrs. Dunne, had to put down her sweet golden retriever. Only 18 months old, Charlie had an inoperable tumor pressing on his heart. She seemed heartbroken, and one of her students seemed to take notice of it.

Her sweet student gave her a letter that began, “To Mrs. Dunne, sorry if you don’t like it or it makes you emotional.” And this is where the tears start to flow.

Inside the letter, she found an acrostic poem spelling out Charlie’s name.

“Cheeky, I bet your dog was really cheeky.

Happy, I bet your dog was always happy.

Adorable, I bet your dog was super adorable.

Relative, I bet your dog was related to you.

Lucky, I bet your dog was lucky to have you.

Incredible, I bet your dog was super incredible.

Energetic, I bet your dog was always full of energy.”

It continued to say, “But most of all I know your dog was special, and your dog is in a better place and is looking over you.”

He finished his letter with this:

The boy, Callum, drew a bowl of sweets and said how Charlie was a great dog.

Mrs. Dunne says she was stressed after putting Charlie down. She told her kids the start of the day because Charlie was always a topic of conversation. She appreciated the letter and said it made her feel much better.

“She was so grateful for it, especially after being so nervous about going back into work after the weekend.”

Mum’s been so upset about the dog being put to sleep and stressing about having to go back into school today, and she got this from a wee boy in her class pic.twitter.com/2qslb572CX

— lucie (@luciedunne_) February 19, 2018

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