Teal The Lab Plays In The Water, Gets Hilariously Busted On Video

Splashing around in the pool on a hot summer day is just doggone fun. Especially if you have to be Teal, the black Labrador Retriever who’s just discovered the kiddie pool in the backyard where she lives in Moses Lake, Washington. She’s having a blast splashing that water around. And she was caught on camera!

Teal Is Just so Very…Busted

Image by ViralHog via YouTube video

Teal is having the time of her life. And there’s a good reason for that — besides the hot summer day. Labradors are nuts about water. Labs were originally bred to retrieve ducks and other game from the water. It’s in their heritage, and these dogs are excellent swimmers.

And as if to prove that, Teal takes a couple of laps around the pool at one point before getting all slappity again. It’s just very adorable watching this cute dog having the time of her life. She’s like a big kid. That’s the thing about dogs. They turn us all back into kids. Like the two men behind the camera who can be heard in the video.

“Is she trying to dig the water?” asks one.“No, I tossed a rock in there,” says the other.

While most of us think Labs are from Labrador (that would make sense, right?), they were bred in Newfoundland to work as fishing dogs. That’s right, they retrieved fish and helped pull fishing lines to shore. And Teal’s ancestors extend all the way back to the 1700s. What’s even more fascinating is that the earliest black Labradors had white muzzles and white toes.

So when you watch her with that hot sun making her fur shine, it’s interesting to think about the Labrador’s long history of splashing around in the water — retrieving fish instead of ducks.

You can watch her adorable hijinks in the video below.

Featured image courtesy of ViralHog via YouTube video

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