Tear Jerking Moment Dying Man Broke Into Massive Smile When His Final Wish Was Granted

Winston Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”  This couldn’t be more true for Patrick Saunders, in his final days in a hospice.

Patrick had always loved horses since he was a child. When one was brought to his bedside he broke out in smiles of joy.   Patrick’s nurses knew of his love for horses. They contacted North Devon Equine Rescue Center.

Ann Sims, the founder of North Devon Equine Rescue immediately said yes. Although she thought the nurse’s idea of a small pony visit was nice, she had an even better idea. This was a job for Victor, the rescue’s large and majestic brown horse.

Enter The Mighty Steed

The meeting between Patrick and Victor could not have gone better.  Sim’s recalls, “His face was beaming. The whole place just brightened up. Patrick was thrilled. His eyes and his big smile; I was taken aback.  For a spilt second, he must have forgotten all his worries with just a visit from Victor. Although it wasn’t just a visit, it was an incredible experience with beautiful memories for his family.”

Since Patrick had multiple bad days in a row, Victor’s timing was perfect.  The therapy that Victor provided to Patrick is obvious from the photos.  In addition, to petting Victor, Patrick got to feed him several carrots. Victor seemed to enjoy the visit too.

Patrick passed on just 3 days after Victor’s visit.  Though the meeting was for Patrick’s sake, the moment affected all who watched in awe as the two enjoyed some beautiful moments together.  “His laugh and smile will live with me forever,” Sim said. “Patrick showed no sadness and made each of us smile with pride.”

The joy on Patrick’s face is worth more than a thousand words. Enjoy this video and see if you can watch it without shedding a tear. I know I couldn’t. Thank you to everyone who helped grant this man his final wish.  Most of all thank you to Victor.  Since this meeting, the video has been shared and now it’s your turn to SHARE with your friends.

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