Teen finds new best friend while volunteering, she gets a big surprise Christmas morning

Hallee Fuqua has wanted a dog her entire life. Unfortunately, her parents told her that she would have to adopt a dog later in life when she would be out of their house. Because Hallee could not bring a dog into her family’s home, she decided to volunteer at her local animal shelter. It was at the Humane Society of Stillwater, Oklahoma where she would find her new best friend.

Hallee began volunteering at the Humane Society when she was on her Thanksgiving break. During her time spent at the shelter, she bonded with lots of dogs. But there was one dog in particular that she had a true connection with.  Rambo, a Plott Hound and Mountain Cur mix, loved Hallee’s company as much as she loved him.

Even the shelter director, Jackie Ross-Guerrero took notice of the bond between the pair. She comments,

“She would come in and just sit with him. They connected from day one.”

Before Christmas Hallee’s parents realized how much she enjoyed Rambo’s company. So they caved in. They finally bought Hallee the dog of her dreams. But they were not going to let her know about their surprise. So Hallee’s parents and Jackie Ross-Guerrero collaborated to make this Christmas gift extremely special. Ross-Guerrero comments,

“We pulled a little white lie when she would come in so she would think he was still under adoption.”

When Hallee saw that Rambo was “adopted” she was heartbroken. But only a few days later her wildest dreams came true. Her father Lance stood outside on Christmas morning. Once he was ready he asked Hallee to come out and see her surprise gift. The gift was Rambo and she could not have been any happier. Tears of joy overwhelmed her.

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