Teen Girl Adopts A Kitten–She Notices A Baffling Twist As She Begins To Grow

For some of us, adopting a kitten is a major joy in life. A kitten is playful, ball of fluff that keeps us smiling. Dasha, a Russian teen girl, always wanted a kitten. When she found out a caretaker she knew had kittens, she begged her mom to look at them. And pay her a visit they did. Dasha was smitten with the cuter of the two kittens shown to them. However, her mother was taking to the “less cute” one.

Image via screenshot via website Honestpaws.com

A Kitten to Love–Despite Being…Different?

Dasha decided to name her kitten Simina. This lively kitten kept Dasha entertained. As Simina was getting bigger, Dasha and her mother noticed something a little…off.

Simina’s fur kept falling out as she got bigger.

Unfortunately, Simina’s appetite gave them pause. She was craving foods like ice cream and chocolate –which are not normal for any type of cat. Candy is food that cats don’t like. This made Dasha, and her mother worried. Was something wrong with their beloved pet?

After taking Simina to their vet, they were shocked to find nothing wrong. This energetic kitten they’d brought home was unique, to say the least.

Image via screencapture via website addictingstories.org

A “Beast” Among Humans

As the days went by, Simina’s behavior was changing.  An energetic kitten turned into a cat with mood swings. One minute she would be sweet and loving. The next she would come at you with claws. Guests who visited them began to wonder if poor Simina was from Chernobyl.

They were referring, of course, to the infamous city that was abandoned after a meltdown at the nuclear power plant of the same name in 1986.

Image via screencapture via website honestpaws.com

Was she really that disastrous looking, that Dasha’s guest mistook her kitten for a mutated animal from Chernobyl? Well…

As the months turned into years, Simina’s coat now only stuck out from her underbelly. Save for peach fuzz that covered her back.

Image via screencapture via website thebestcatpage.com

As it turns out, Simina turned into a Sphynx, and Dasha loves her just the same. This misunderstood kitten became a lifelong friend to Dasha. A pet who loved to play with toys and cuddles on long nights. Simina’s family loved her, despite the work they had to care for this kitty.  Given Simina’s “unique” appearance, Dasha had a message for all the cat lovers of the world.

Image via screenshot via addictingstories.org

Love is Unconditional

It shouldn’t matter what your cat looks like. If you love them no matter their appearance, you can rest assured that they will look at you the same way.

Simina gives a whole new meaning to the quote; “You should never judge a book by its cover.”

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