Temp Reaches 107, Officer Can't Watch Anymore Takes Drastic Measures To Save Dogs Life

Every year more than a thousand dogs die from careless owners leaving them in hot cars.    On a sunny day, an outside temperature of 70 degrees can exceed 100 degrees in a vehicle.  If the day is already in the mid-90s, you can do the math. It spells disaster and torture for a dog left in the vehicle for even a short time. Some vehicles can have the temperatures rise to 170 degrees.

Kevin Strooband, an SPCA Officer responded to a call about a dog left in a store parking lot. Sure enough, when he arrived on the scene and peeked in the window, he could see a french bull dog trying to hide under a bag to escape the furnace.  Not seeing the dog’s owner in sight, Strooband used a device that shattered the glass window.

Another officer explains, “As an SPCA officer, we responded to a call for a dog in a car. I decided to video an officer break the window to rescue the dog and take it from the hot car.  They brought the temperature down and the dog is fine. We charged the owner for failing to provide adequate ventilation (a $250 fine). The day cost him about $700 (fine, our costs, vet costs and window).”

Dogs are innocent victims without the ability to roll the window down or call for help. Imagine what it would feel like to feel the temperature climb and then your own body temperature rise with nothing that you could do about it.

If you suspect that a dog has been left in a hot vehicle call the authorities immediately. Every second counts!!

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